KWF (Dutch Cancer Society)

The ASML Marathon Eindhoven has been the largest two-day sport event in the province of North Brabant for years. The flat, wide and attractive course has been leading to fast finishing times for years. Every year the ASML Marathon Eindhoven supports a charity.

This year again, the ASML Marathon Eindhoven supports the Dutch Cancer Society. The organization calls on every participant to contribute to a better life for people affected by cancer. Run against cancer and for life during the ASML Marathon Eindhoven!

Run against cancer

Your race makes a difference
Every Dutch person will be affected by cancer at some point. Whether you have it yourself or someone you care about, cancer disrupts your life. KWF has been making a difference for all these people since 1949. You can contribute as well.

Run and raise money with your colleagues!

You can make a huge impact while running as a company. Run against Cancer during the ASML Marathon Eindhoven and raise money for groundbreaking cancer research. Create a team page and invite your colleagues. Use your (business) network to raise funds for your campaign. All proceeds can be found per team member on your team page. There are two ways to participate.

Take action

Arrange your starting ticket yourself via ASML Marathon Eindhoven and create a fundraiser page at KWF. With your own Run Against Cancer campaign page, fundraising is easier than you think. Every euro counts! Will you raise 500 euro or more? Then you will receive the unique Run Against Cancer shirt. Naturally, KWF supports you in collecting donations, with tips, tricks and great examples of activists who came before you.


Better life with and after cancer. That is what scientific research is all about as far as KWF is concerned. Research that leads to early detection, better treatments and optimal care for everyone affected by cancer. Or does the quality of life improve if you stop getting better. That is why KWF continues to invest in research. Run against cancer contributes to this mission.