Without you there would be no ASML Marathon Eindhoven

During the marathon weekend, around 1,500 volunteers contribute to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The ASML Marathon Eindhoven stands or falls with the help of our volunteers.

As a volunteer you will experience an international top sport event up close. View the various tasks on this page, read our points of interest and choose how you want to be involved in the organization.

Only individual volunteers can register via the button.

If you would like to register as a group, please contact our volunteer coordinator at vrijwilligers@golazo.com. Please include your details and which event it concerns.

Groups of volunteers

You can also register as a group together with your teammates or members of your association and supplement the club coffers. We have developed a reward system for associations and scouting groups. For more information, please contact our volunteer coordinator (providing the name of the contact person, telephone number and email address).


Good to know

  • The minimum age for volunteers at the ASML Marathon Eindhoven is 16 years (for traffic controllers this is 18 years).
  • If an instruction evening is given for your position, you will automatically receive an invitation. Make sure you are present;
  • You will not receive any monetary compensation (including travel expenses);
  • Voluntary does not mean without obligation. Once registered, we count on your availability. If you can no longer help, please let us know in a timely manner;
  • It may happen that you cannot be assigned to the position for which your first choice was made. We will always take your second choice into account or we will look for another position;
  • A number of locations from which volunteers are active do not offer a direct view of the event.


Volunteer start

you guide participants to the starting areas

Volunteer finish

Handing out medals, sports drinks or fruit

Volunteer course

Guarantee participant safety

Bag deposit

Accepting and returning bags

Volunteer aid station

handing out drinks or sponges

Volunteer traffic

ensure that the course is free of traffic