Business runs

ASML Marathon Eindhoven has been the largest two-day sports event in the province of North Brabant for years. During the ASML Marathon Eindhoven, companies can achieve top sporting performance by participating in the Business Runs. Participating in the Business Runs not only ensures a good atmosphere, but also healthy and active employees who are bursting with energy.

Included with your registration

Extra to order

Business estafette marathon

42,195 KM

Business run half marathon

21,1 KM

Business 1/4 Marathon

10,55 KM

limited edition running shirt

A limited edition running shirt has been designed for the ASML Marathon Eindhoven. You can order this for €27 during your registration.

If you are already registered, you can order the shirt via your personal dashboard. The link to your personal dashboard can be found in the confirmation email you received when you registered.

Do you want to know which size you should order? View the size charts here.

Shirt 2023

Run against cancer

Run against cancer and contribute directly to a better life for people affected by cancer. Register at ASML Marathon Eindhoven and create a fundraiser page at KWF. There is no minimum amount to raise, every euro counts! Will you raise more than 500 euros? Then you will receive the unique Run Against Cancer shirt.